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Ø      Accept Assignment: issue acknowledgement within 12 hours.

Ø      Contact policyholder/claimant within minimum of 12 hours for initial investigation.
Ø      Assign and coordinate Surveyor immediately. 

Ø      Create and electronically submit initial report to insurers setting reserve and detail loss events and coverage issues within 7 business days (specific notations regarding pre-loss survey recommendation compliance and general comments referring to the maintenance and / or overall condition of the subject vessel,  including present value as well as any obvious variations between market and insured value, specific notations on the damage condition of the vessel, cause of loss, related repair plan and expenses, and recommended reserve.) 

Ø      Supplemental reports shall be submitted as necessary (No less than every 30 days) to detail any changes in repair plan / reserve, new developments, or to alert insurers of any potential conflicts surrounding the claim. 

Ø      Audit repair cost documentation and compile Schedule of Claim detailing costs and appropriate depreciation.

 Ø      Settle Claim and obtain necessary Releases.